Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

A clean office environment contributes staff motivation and high performances and also reduces absence as well as increasing traffic inflow of clients to your premises. We highly appreciate our client’s contribution to help come up with a tailormade program that suits them hence ensuring continuous monitoring of key contact areas to prevent the spread of any viruses and disease-causing bacteria.

Residential Cleaning

We provide complete solution for Residential Cleaning. We help you in making your home a clean and sparkling place to live in. We provide cleaning services for all types of residential such as bungalows, villas and apartments. With our latest and improved equipment and well experience team will provide you with a thorough cleaning service at every corner of the house. Our team is fully trained to take extra care while cleaning around the house and also while dealing with fragile objects. Our Residential Cleaning Services include Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Garage Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning feels tiresome? we have the skills and technology to get rid of the toughest stains. Call now on +254110093390 +254110093391 and discover the difference.
Our Carpet Cleaning Services helps you in cleaning your carpet and keeping it in good condition. Thus, our well-equipped professional cleaners will be there to give your carpet life again. We are aware that every carpet cleaning situation is unique.
Did you know there are various types of carpets present in the market? The types vary depending on the fibres used and the size of fibres in accordance with comfort and design.

Event & After Party Cleaning

We offer Event and after party cleaning services in Nairobi and its environs. We cover both at the residential and commercial event or party. Our cleaning services will include and not limited to:

  • Cleaning and Polishing Surfaces and Tables
  • Washing all Dishes
  • Safely disposing of all the empty bottles and cans used during the party away

ENVIVO Garbage Collection Service Focus

Our garbage collection service is focused on providing a professional & eco-friendly rubbish removal and collection in Nairobi. We have made this service as available to customers as possible, by being open from 8am to 5pm five days a week. This ensures that both residential and commercial customers are able to book an ENVIVO truck to come and remove garbage at their convenience.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Our Mattress cleaning services use 100% dry and chemical safe mattress cleaning technology. It’s important to keep our mattress clean and hygienic considering we spend 6-8 hours of our time on the bed.

Most noteworthy, mattress makes an ideal breeding ground for dust mites and bedbugs. Besides dust mites and bedbugs, the mattress also contains our body fluids, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Pre & Post Construction Cleaning Services

Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services is important as most painters and decors leave our homes, in a mess after they are done with their work. Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services has been a problem as most tenants get into their new home when not in a good condition.

Our post-construction cleaning services in Nairobi is a specialist division of Envivo Cleaning Services Group that provides a full range of Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services in Nairobi, from builders cleans to sparkle cleans, to the construction industry.

Sanitary Bins Management Hygiene Services

ENVIVO Cleaning service specializes in offering and providing a comprehensive and professional cleaning service for commercial washrooms and other hygiene products and services in Nairobi.
ENVIVO Hygiene specializes in providing a full range of washroom services, including:

  • The collection and disposal of sanitary waste as well
  • Replenishment of soap dispensers and air fresheners
  • Supply of hand dryers and washroom vending machines.

Sofa Set & Upholstery Cleaning

When you are looking for upholstery cleaning look upon us. We offer the best and satisfactory services. We know the importance of clean upholstery. Thus, we make use of best technology and latest developments for upholstery cleaning. Hence, we give satisfied results to our customers. We have skilled and professional technician. They will clean your upholstery safely and with utmost care. Our cleaning methods guarantees removal of dirt, dust and stubborn stains.

Steam Cleaning Services

Our Steam cleaning services in Nairobi use steam vapour systems to quickly clean, and sanitize inanimate surfaces. Our process is effective enough to sterilize the surfaces. Our Steam cleaning services can be used for many different cleaning tasks with excellent results including, cleaning tiles and grout, oven cleaning and mattress cleaning. Also, it can be used for sanitizing, spot cleaning and freshening carpets and rug cleaning. In addition, steam can also be used for removing chewing gum and killing bed bugs.

Vehicle Interior Cleaning Services

ENVIVO offers value for money for your car interior by using the best cleaning services with advance technology and state of the art machines.
ENVIVO interior vehicle cleaning services offers a completely unique service incomparable to car valeting or car detailing. If for instance, a passenger vomits in a taxi, limousine or coach, this could potentially disable the vehicle until the problem is dealt with, every hour the vehicle is non-operational it is losing money because nobody wants to travel in a vehicle smelling of vomit. Our trained operators will have your vehicle back on the road with minimum of fuss.