Construction Cleaning Services

Pre & Post Construction Cleaning Services

Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services is important as most painters and decors leave our homes, in a mess after they are done with their work. Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services has been a problem as most tenants get into their new home when not in a good condition. Our post-construction cleaning services in Nairobi is a specialist division of Envivo Cleaning Services Group that provides a full range of Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Services in Nairobi, from builders cleans to sparkle cleans, to the construction industry.
We work with; NEW BUILD CONTRACTORS, DESIGNERS, ARCHITECTS, REFURBISHMENT, REMODELLING CONTRACTORS AND PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS across Nairobi and its environs to provide the finest post construction cleaning service.

Whether you are looking for a builder cleans, sparkle cleans, and ongoing cleans for your building or construction site in Nairobi our post-construction cleaning team can help. If you are looking for a cleaning partner for ongoing refurbishment works, we can help with expert post-construction cleaning and thorough cleaning throughout the process.

Our post construction cleaning services include:
1. Builders Cleans
2. Sparkle Cleans
3. Post Refurbishment Cleans
4. Site Cleaning (site offices, welfare facilities, canteens, washrooms, and locker rooms cleaning)


1) Dealing with all of the contractor leftovers
Even if it looks impossible it’s not, the first step is a serious session of trash patrol. There is lumber, drywall, and garbage everywhere. We take a walk around and notice both the interior and exterior areas. Keeping our eyes open for plastic tarps, tape, drop cloths and construction supplies like nails, screws, staples, bolts, etc. We are prepared to pick up a lot of trash and debris during this first step of post-construction cleaning

2) Hard floors – making them presentable again with post-construction cleaning Inspect the floors.
All construction work is messy and the flooring seems to always take the brunt of the mess. We check them for any damage, then start vacuuming, mopping, waxing, polishing and buffing. If we should run across any wood damage, we get back with the contractor and ask for it to be repaired.

3) Rescuing your carpets from traffic, dirt, and grime.
Carpet fibers will trap all of the fine wooden splinters and all of the dust. That’s not to mention the smell. We use an industrial shop vacuum to get the grounded dirt and other objects out. After a good vacuum, shampooing will be in order & Steam cleaning might even be necessary. We advise our esteemed clients to allow for all the treated carpets to thoroughly dry before they are reopened to any foot traffic.

4) Walls and baseboards.
The walls and baseboards are going to get hit and scratched during construction. There’s no way to avoid it. Crews use heavy tools and equipment that can cause minor dents, dings, and bruises. We check for this kind of unavoidable damage. It will need to be patched and repainted. Once we have addressed these concerns, we clean the walls & baseboards completely.

5) Windows and mirrors.
You don’t want to look at dirty windows. Dingy windows and mirrors look awful and it’s terrible for business. To restore window glass and mirror shine, we use a heavy-duty glass cleaning product. We begin at the top and work down, rinse, dry with a microfiber towel and polish.

6) Lighting – getting the shine back

You will wonder how the powdery dust got on everything. The lights and bulbs will be filthy. The dust film will actually reduce efficiency and produce an unpleasant smell. We turn off the electricity before cleaning light bulbs with a dry, soft cloth.

7) Cabinets, drawers, and closets

It’s so easy to overlook closets and drawers because they are closed most of the time. But you better believe the construction mess is in there too. And whatever you have stored is going to be dirty as well. We inspect all of the closets, cabinets, and drawers using a flashlight to show dirt. Were prepared to clean the floors, walls and all synthetic materials.

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Apart from a variety of specialist post-construction cleaning services We also provide a number of specialist cleaning services, which include:

  1. Hard Floor Maintenance (Stripping and Sealing, Buffing)
  2. Natural Stone Care (Marble, Granite, Limestone)
  3. Ventilation Duct Cleaning
  4. External Cleaning (Cladding, Brickwork, Patios, Decking, Fascia’s, Windows, and Guttering)

Areas Covered

Areas covered by our pre & post construction cleaning services in Nairobi, Kiambu are:

Riverside, Kilimani, Lavington, Dennis Pritt, Muthaiga, Upper Hill, Karen. Hurlingham, Westlands, Lower Kabete, Gigiri, Runda, Parklands. Kileleshwa, Kitisuru. Nairobi West, Langata, South C, South B. Ngara, Pangani, Kiambu Road, Thika Road. Buruburu, Donholm, Fedha, Embakasi, Athi River, Kitengela