Environmental Sustainability


Our aim is to minimize environmental pollution as much as possible. We will strive to achieve this through a commitment to continual improvement, pro-active change and adherence and compliance with new and updated Governmental and Environmental

Legislation/ Regulations: We will minimize the production of waste where possible and any disposal of waste produced will be carried out with due care for the environment. We will try to minimize the use of new products where other recycled materials are a suitable substitute. Where waste materials or products can be recycled, we will make every effort to ensure that they are recycled in an environmentally responsible way in order to conserve resources. We shall continue our involvement in support of Environmental activities.


Envivo understands the importance of sustainability – in design, delivery and in continuous operation. For example, this is reflected in how we:

  • Source sustainable materials and look for ethical suppliers
  • Work with the local community where appropriate
  • Offer waste solutions that embrace the Green approach

In particular, we ensure that the design of our services matches relevant environmental standards.